The question around which your research is focused is called a research question. It should be:

Clear – provide enough information to understand its purpose

Focused – narrow enough to focus on a specific direction

Concise – expressed clearly in the few possible words

Complicated – shouldn’t be answerable with a yes or no and instead, requires a detailed analysis to be tested

Arguable – open to debate

Apart from this, a clear research question can help writers to focus on their research and writing process. Most of the students get help from ‘write essay for me’ service to take help from their professionals.

research question

How to Develop A Research Question?

Following ways can help develop a good research question:

1. Choose an Interesting Topic Always choose a broad topic that may interest you or about which you would like to know more.

2. Do Your Research Do thorough research on your chosen topic to know more about the already existing literature. It will also help you narrow the focus of your work by identifying the research gaps.

3. Keep Your Audience in Mind Always keep your audience in mind while carrying out research work. It would help you to analyze their interests so that you can shape your research work according to it.

4. Ask Questions and Evaluate it By taking into consideration all the above points, start asking open-ended ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions to yourself. Furthermore, evaluate all the questions and check if they are compelling enough or need to be revised for carrying the research process. You can check the research question by keeping in mind the following aspects: Is the research question clear or ambiguous? Is it a focused research question? Is the question complicated or simple?

5. Begin Your Research Work After deciding a particular question, think about all the possible paths you can take during your research work. Similarly, it will also help you to recognize all the sources and the research process you will choose.

Knowing these ways will help you write a powerful and impressive research question. Moreover, professional writers know how to develop a research question and help the students who come to them and ask for ‘write my essay’ services.